Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Evaluation Question 7

7) Looking back at the preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Our Preliminary Task

The clip above was our very first attempt to make a thriller opening, as you can see its not very good at all in my opinion, but this was right at the start of the course and so I was not expecting an amazing outcome, at this point I was not fully aware of how to edit and how to film correctly. And in the clip below I have the final edited of my film opening, and I am going to compare them.

The first comparison I have stated is the title of the film, as you can see the names are very different and the presentation of them are also very different, the first one is very simple and bland with only 2 color, but then the final edit title, is a lot more in depth, and has more colors which stand out more to the audience.

As you can see there is a big differences between the 2, the top one was made on Live-type, and the bottom one was made in after effects. The similarity between the two is that it has a black background and shows how important the title is.

The shot to the left is the frame from the first attempt and the bottom one is from the final edit, as you can see the left image is further away and you can see that its in a school, and so looses most of its genre, but the bottom shot is closer up and so you cant see the surroundings as much which is better because the viewer wont be able to see and so will be curious where the location may be.
In the shot from the old edit, it is more of a mid shot from behind, but the final edit shot is more of a close up and so the camera work is slightly different.

When we did our preliminary task we found an effect called bad TV, and i found this effect to be very useful, as you can see in both pictures  I have implemented bad TV into them, this is because both of them are CCTV footage being recorded, and so the effect goes with our theme of crime thriller and that the government is always watching your every move.

During this process I have learnt so much, and all of this information I have learnt can really help impact the rest of my life. Because I have a real passion for editing and I would like to do this for a job this gives me a head start on learning how to use different types of software in certain situations, and so I am very pleased that I took media and had this opportunity to show and enhance my skills in editing and film work. Also while going through this process I have picked up on filming techniques, such as shots (Long shot, Mid shot etc.) and now when I watch adverts or movies on the TV I notice how the shot was constructed and I analyse the clip myself, which is great because in this day and age, everything has got something to do with media such as filming and editing. While improving from our prelim task to our final edit, I have learnt valuable things to keep in mind when making a thriller, for example tension and enigma are huge must haves while doing this, this is because without suspense and tension, its not a thriller anymore and that's why you must have these key aspects. I have also learnt key terms throughout this process, words such as enigma, match on action, 180 degree rule, empathy and the continuity, which in my opinion is one of the most important things to have In any film.

Shot Types I Have Learnt:
Long Shot/Establishing Shot
Medium Shot
Close Up Shot
Extreme Close Up Shot
Cut In ( Which was used a lot through our final edit)
Over the Shoulder Shot
P.O.V (Point Of View Shot)

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